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  • Wide range of manufacturers.
  • Wide spectrum of different types of X-ray inspection systems; cargo & vehicle inspection systems; portable CWA/TIC, explosives and narcotics trace detectors; walk-through and hand-held metal detectors.

Our service


— Troubleshooting.
— Repair with spare parts replacement.
— Customer’s spare parts restoration to working condition.
— X-ray generator repair.

*We are providing the service report with all operations.


— Preventive maintenance.
— Corrective maintenance.
— Commissioning of new equipment and equipment which was temporarily out of operation (+regeneration).
— Technical support and assistance hotline.
— Providing competent and comprehensive recommendations.
— Assistance on maintaining accompanying documentation for equipment.
— Image quality test performing by test objects for detection parameters.
— Dosimetric control with the issuance of the necessary documents.
— Carrying out an examination of the services rendered for maintenance and repair.
— Preparation of a technical opinion for the disposal of equipment.


— Equipment sale (equipment selection according to the customer’s requirements and technical specifications).
— Equipment allocation plan preparation on the site, taking into account various rules and regulations.
— Spare parts sale.

complementary service


- Equipment transportation and relocation.
- Equipment preparation for events, technical support and assist, and equipment preparation for export from events.


- Operator training course.


- Appraisal of technical condition for subsequent equipment sale or disposal.
- Appraisal of the equipment repair cost for subsequent disposal.

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